Friday, March 14, 2008

Down but not quite out ....

Health problems have side lined my trip for awhile ... hope to be back on the road some time this summer but not to sure when. It's a bitch to get old .......

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Held Up in Southern B.C. for the Winter

Howdy all ... taking a small break to learn some spanish and plan where to go in the spring. Will keep you posted as to wants my next move.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The real type of bike to travel the world on.

Matz bike .. la bella roussa. There is a top box missing off the back rack but other then that .. that's all Matz carries. He rides a 400 Honda Translap ... 160,000k . We traded bikes one day for a short trip ... he likes the Dragon and said .. yes you can do it on a Harley. After a few beer and other things ... he had added knobby tires, skid plates and a few other accessories to my bike for the tuff to get too places. Sure glad he never had a welder or my bike would have been ready to go.

Then ... out of the din of the glare came a solitary rider from Switzerland ... Matz. Three years on the road around the world with his bella roassa. He just has to finish up South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand .. then I suspect he'll do it all over again. On a budget of 25 bucks a day this fellow IS the consummate Global Biker. Totally awesome dude who has seen more places then national geographic. He gave a great slide presentation to the other HU members, even the other so called hard core dudes gave him his due

Team No Limits

But ... out of all the people I met for the H.U. rally ... these were the people who rocked the Toad the best and as a team had no limits other then deciding what to do and where to go. The gal at the left and the the guy at the right are hooked together they ain't really bikers more kayaker's but have a hard time taking the boats off the SUV. Doesn't mater they have the spirit and soul that is contagious to your well being and are a must to be around .. not to mention feed everyone within a 5 mile radius .. oh ya Dale is a dragonfly guru plus a whole lot of other neat things type guy. Between him and me is ... Steve a lost soul from the island who .. is the glue to the team and can build anything. He found the two other lost boys from saskatchabush and brought them to the rock so he could fix one of their bikes. The girls as we called them .. Nolan and K-Tel .. the latter I nicked named because Dave asked if he combed his hair with a pork chop were on their first long ride doing the easy rider thing. Great people the lot of them ... go team no limits.

I came to this campground because Horizons Unlimited .. an international bikers world travel organization were having one of their around the world meetings. They supply very good information on how to travel the world on a motorcycle. The information I gathered was great ... but the people I met were even better.


This is the sweetest kindest and most gentlest soul that I have encountered for a very long time. Mary and her husband Steve .. mostly Mary welcome and operate this campground and do everything in their power to make you feel welcome. If you have no tent, no mattress, no food, no money, broke down, tired and busted not a problem ... she is the Mother Teresa of this neck of the woods and will help all on their way.